Painted and stained surfaces clean 
up very well and so does vinyl. Aluminum has it's problems. Each case 
needs to be looked at individually. There are special techniques we've 
discovered that work in many circumstances. 
Additionally, it is essential to thoroughly wash a surface in preparation 
for painting or staining. Chalking, mildew, algae, dead wood fiber and 
any loose paint are all removed in this process.

This customer in Cambridge had been
told by  representatives in the cedar shingle 
industry that they didn't need to do 
any maintenance at all. That couldn't be
 further from the truth. Cedar will start to 
dry and crack, the day it's natural oils 
begin to weather away from exposure to 
sun and rain. No wood is immune from 
this immutable truth. 

Good use of Solution

This Needham customer called 
us after reading the label on the 
can of paint. It read "Apply to
clean, dry surface". Dead wood 
fiber (aka weathering) must be 
treated like dirt and removed 
before painting. If you were 
waxing your car, wouldn't you 
wash it first?
The first impression many get 
from this photo is that the bright 
area is fresh stain or paint.
Uncovering the hidden beauty

Once again, simple removal 
of mildew, dirt and dead wood 
fiber is all that is needed to reveal 
the beautiful cedar siding. 
Two wet-on-wet coats of Penofin 
were sprayed and brushed 
on a week later to finish 
this restoration in Millis.
You have to love natural wood! It's 
almost a shame people paint it.
Back from Nature

Vinyl siding cleans up like new. It's 
the only maintenance you'll ever 
need to do.

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